Spend a day filled with adventure around Barbados' most Instagrammable spots.

Rent a car, pack some Bajan fish cutters and rum punch and explore Barbados following MACO’s coast to coast island tour. We promise that you’ll feel like you’re rediscovering the island one coast at a time! Stop off at our fave spot, Cuz’s for the best fish sandwich on the island. 

What better place to start than the west coast, arguably the best coast for tame, white sandy beaches. The water’s surface mimics glass, and its calming blue hue is nothing less than perfect. You may catch a glimpse of sea turtles and tropical fish everywhere along this coast, or view the reefs on a glass-bottom boat. Or, you can get the adrenaline going by hopping on a jet ski or a tow on a tube boat.

We must admit it’s hard to choose a favourite beach from this coast, but we’re making Gibbes Beach your starting point. It’s just south of Mullins, about 10 minutes after Sandy Lane, and is a stretch of postcard perfect sun, sea and sand. The beach is undisturbed with lush trees hugging the shoreline, sheltering Gibbes Beach from the noise of the coast. You’ll start your day off easy with quiet relaxation.

When you’ve soaked up enough sun on Gibbes Beach, head north-east until you lose sight of white sand, calm waters and modern architecture and landscapes. But what the north lacks in modernity, it makes up for in old-island charm. To find our next stop, Little Bay, you will go on an adventure through fields, dodging cows, blackbelly sheep and goats along the cliff side.

Park your car at the top and walk down to a tranquil, scenic picnic spot complete with a reef with amazing blowholes. This spot is in stark contrast to our earlier stop, where the Atlantic Ocean unleashes its temper, crashing rough waves on the rocky shoreline. The sand is also different, making the beach look like it has been sprinkled with dark brown sugar crystals. But during low tide, its most ravishing feature appears thanks to the reef adjoining the beach which carves out a cozy tide pool.

From Little Bay, continue east until you get to Cattlewash. The scenery of Cattlewash is similar to, but not as secluded as Little Bay, and the beach is long enough to take a relaxing stroll. But that’s not all. The east coast features many peculiar boulders on the beach, making it an ideal spot for taking pictures. The history of these mysterious boulders is unclear, but it’s suggested that they rolled down from the hills of the Scotland District or may be rock formations connected to the reef. The most well known boulder is called Round Rock and it’s outfitted with a bench on top. Climb to the top if you dare and take a photo to prove it!

Finally, it’s time to head back to the hustle and bustle of the south coast for a cool-down dip in the sea accompanied by food and drinks. Accra Beach is one of the most well known beaches on the island for its amenities, popularity and busy atmosphere. To its east side, there’s Tiki Bar with sun loungers for rent. Try the rum punch and relax after a long day, or take a snorkel out to the reef.

To the west side is a cluster of bars and huts selling Bajan fare, like banks beer and fishcakes set against the backdrop of a boardwalk along the coastline. Grab a cold beer and meander down this wooden walkway watching out for crashing waves as you go. Sit at the end of the boardwalk for a serene sunset – and ponder over which coast of Barbados you liked the best.

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