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1. Go somewhere you’ve never been before

Let the new year be the one where you finally attack the travel bucket list with vigor. It could be somewhere distant or exotic like the Taj Mahal of India or the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland, or somewhere closer to home like the Panama Canal, which is now just a short flight away as Copa Airlines recently commenced direct flights to Panama City. Everyone has a travel experience in mind that they’ve been meaning to embark on but haven’t quite gotten around to accomplishing. Let 2019 be the year you cross off at least one travel experience from your ultimate destination list.

2. Volunteer while on vacation

A friend’s commitment to giving back wherever she vacationed left a lasting impact. Following some research, we’ve found that volunteering whilst on vacation (known as ‘voluntourism’, a portmanteau of the words volunteer and tourism) is becoming increasingly popular. It can be as large as working with a local NGO or as simple as finding the nearest library and offering to read to local children. It could be putting in a few hours at a community center. If the destination has recently suffered from a natural disaster, you can get involved in trail clearing activities. There’s always some way to give back and help a community, and it will make your trip even more meaningful.

3. Add one of these Instagram-worthy destinations to your list

The stunning San Blas Islands of Panama, culturally-refined Tokyo and the eye-catching Amalfi Coast of Italy are just a few picturesque destinations that travel influencers and bloggers are raving about. Picture yourself and your loved ones smiling out to the world from the San Blas Islands, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And the perfect backdrop for a framed family photo on your mantelpiece is the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast, or the storied shrines of Tokyo.

4. Take a spontaneous solo trip

Ask your travel advisor to keep on the lookout for sweet, limited-time deals and right when the price is right, pack light and take a cheeky weekend getaway as a treat to yourself. Popular destinations for an unplanned trip are Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and it’s no coincidence that those destinations are just a short, direct flight away – you don’t want to waste a good chunk of your spontaneous trip in transit!

5. Go off the beaten track with a safari

A visit to the motherland of all mankind is a must, but while you’re on the African continent be sure to go on a safari. Many African countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya specialize in and are well known for their highly-rated safari experiences led by knowledgeable, expert guides. There are safaris that are aimed at all types of travelers: for couples, families, honeymooners, you name it. Here at Going Places Travel we can ensure that you embark on an experience that is tailored to you and your loved ones.

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