Welcome to a Good Buy at the Piarco International Airport

After 20-odd years as a stalwart at Piarco International Airport, Gone Bananas has grown up. In the midst of a rebrand, the colourful souvenir and confectionary store we all know and love is moving forward, with a mature, sleek look and a diversified inventory of high-end duty-free items that come together to offer travellers a unique luxury shopping experience.

Gone Bananas duty-free store is a subsidiary of York Garments Limited—a family-owned company that has been in operation for over 35 years. Speaking of the decision to rebrand the store and branch out in terms of adding upscale inventory, the directors at York Garments Limited said that the team’s goal was to better serve the needs of their customers while keeping up with international standards. Well attuned to the fact that the store’s customers are travellers with limited time and varied needs, they described the new stores as a solution to the typical hassle of having to visit multiple stores in the airport—a process that generally includes repeatedly providing passport information at each cash point to purchase duty-free items such as alcohol or perfume. With the newly expanded inventory at Gone Bananas, any traveller can get all they need and want in one place, from typical travel accoutrements, such as snacks and water, to luxury brands of fragrances, handbags and jewellery.

With four store locations at Piarco—three in the departure lounge and one in arrivals—and one newly opened in ANR Robinson International Airport in Tobago, Gone Bananas is conveniently positioned to cater to every customer’s travel, luxury, and impulse shopping needs. Two out of the four stores at Piarco have been fully renovated and re-launched with the new look and enhanced inventory, and the remaining stores are soon to follow.

Gone Bananas now offers a wide range of high-end products, including jewellery, fragrances, alcohol, leather goods, travel accessories and chocolates, alongside their traditional inventory of souvenirs, confectionary items, and local delicacies. Exclusive brands of luxury goods include Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Mercedes Benz Parfum, Furla, Coach, Montblanc, Coccinelle, Cavalli Class, Carolina Herrera Limited Edition, Buckley London jewellery, Lambretta watches, and Godiva chocolates.

The first of the renovated stores at Piarco (‘GB1’, in the arrival lounge) opened its doors in December 2017, and the second (‘GB4’, between the east and west wings of the departure lounge, just after the security checkpoint) in June 2018. Welcoming shoppers through the doors, built-in, floor-to-ceiling video screens advertise the available retail brands, while music pumped through the new speaker systems further entices travellers to come and relish the shopping experience at Gone Bananas.

With the re-brand comes a focus on customer experience. The store is constantly adding merchandise and adapting their inventory to provide customers with the best product variety and value for money. At any given time, a customer visiting the store has access to various daily promotions that include product samples, discounts, and free gifts with purchase. Part of what makes shopping at Gone Bananas a memorable experience is that the customer will always walk away with a gift, having received exceptional customer service at an affordable price.

Through their commitment to move forward and elevate the standard of what is available to international travellers at our local airports, Gone Bananas has truly raised the bar. On your next travel adventure, be sure to visit Gone Bananas for all your duty-free luxury and travel needs. 


Trinidad location: Piarco INT’L Duty Free Airport|

Tel: (868) 669-8525
Instagram : gonebananastt | Facebook : Gone Bananas | E-mail : gbdftrafing@gmail.com

Tobago location: ANR Robinson In’tl Airport|

Tel: (868) 631-8305

Instagram: gonebananastt | Facebook: Gone Bananas | E-mail: gbdftrading@gmail.com

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