Leading the way in Monday Wear

By profession, Laura Narayansingh is an architect, but upon introduction, it quickly becomes obvious that her love for design floods into all elements of her life. Having created her first costume at the age of seven, Narayansingh has always found the creative process to be therapeutic.

Today, she leads the way in the Monday Wear trend, which she classifies as a “Generation Y concept. Spotting a void in the Carnival market, Narayansingh saw Monday Wear as having “international, local, reusable and repurposing potential”.

With a strong love for the Twin-Island Republic that she calls home, Narayansingh believes that Monday Wear can encourage the world to pay even closer attention to what our culture has to offer.

During the most elaborate two days of the year, Narayansingh refuses to be limited as she urges women to “dare to be rare!” With a mission to be deliberate in all that she does, L.N. Designs is certainly a brand to pay attention to.

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