Why brides opt for MovieTowne wedding magic.

Planning an elegant and unique wedding is stressful in and of itself. The plethora of details, both major and minor, could bog down any couple’s mood, but the choice of venue doesn’t have to be an issue. The Banquet and Conference Centre (BCC) at MovieTowne is designed to embody pure elegance and sophistication, satisfying even the most particular bride and groom. Panoramic views of the Gulf of Paria and opulent chandeliers lend an aura of understated elegance and an exclusive vibe, making the Centre an ideal location for wedding receptions.

MovieTowne is synonymous with entertainment and over the past few years has been host to hundreds of wedding receptions, each one different, each one special. MovieTowne’s hidden gem, located over Fiesta Plaza, offers two entirely separate ballrooms: the Casablanca Ballroom and the Carousel Ballroom. At over 5,000 square feet, the Casablanca Ballroom satisfies a bride’s desire for a lush and grand affair; the size and scope alone take one’s breath away. The Carousel Ballroom, at 1,673 square feet, is tailored to a more intimate gathering, without losing any of the grandeur or aesthetic appeal. The character and charisma of these spaces make themselves felt, and give brides a choice of two beautiful settings.

Once a couple makes the right venue choice for them, the true planning begins. With an ease and unparalleled professionalism, the team and manager at the Banquet and Conference Centre make coordinating with any planner seamless and effortless. They are the ones tasked with helping execute the unique vision that each bride has for her special day. Every detail is handled with militant precision; the elements all come together to form an experience as unique as the couple themselves.

One such couple opted to celebrate the start of a new era in the Casablanca Ballroom in MovieTowne. Jeanmarc and Anushka Sookhoo had nothing but a glowing recommendation for their choice to use the BCC, and never looked back on their wedding day with anything but joy. From the inception of the planning process, Jeanmarc and I knew we wanted the ambience and openness of an outdoor wedding, without actually having to go outside.

The charm, character and versatility of the Banquet and Conference Centre at MovieTowne Port of Spain was the perfect balance for creating that warm and intimate atmosphere, for our rustic outdoor-themed wedding. The marriage of the two families was harmonious and the love in the atmosphere was truly tangible at the reception. It was absolutely everything and more than Jeanmarc and I could have ever imagined for our wedding day. We etched timeless memories at the Casablanca ballroom that evening, and if asked to do it all again, we wouldn’t change a single thing.”

If offering engaged couples stunning ballrooms, amazing Gulf views, warm ambiance and top-notch service isn’t enough of an enticement, the additional treats will definitely sway any bridal party on the fence. The team at MovieTowne offers hassle-free packages from a one-stop service, providing full catering and bartending to more flexible bundles.  Rental rates include everything from tables and chairs to linens, stage, dance floor and security, with no additional costs. The venue location alone is worthy of the highest esteem, taking into consideration all the amenities that are included with the rental cost, but the location also has several advantages, including the proximity to hotels, which makes it convenient for out-of-town guests.

Every bride wants her day to be extraordinary, a day to celebrate and make memories in the presence of her family and friends. While brides’ visions may differ according to taste, personal preferences and groom involvement, only one element remains the same; what surpasses all obstacles and crosses all barriers is the profound keepsake of the occasion: that one and all leave with more than a photograph or a table token. They leave with a renewed faith and hope in the promise of love. That is the feeling MovieTowne captures with every “I do.”


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