Fraser Campbell on how scotch changed his life.

Back in his early days at Aberdeen University in Scotland some years ago, Dewar’s Global Ambassador Fraser Campbell did the usual part-time job bartending when he wasn’t in class. As he delved into mixology, Campbell’s world was far from the usual. Now part of the global iniative to educate consumers on the finer points of scotch, Campbell will visit Trinidad on Friday 19th October at the Hilton Hotel to impart his vast knowledge to specially invited food bloggers, influencers and other curious folk.

Recounting his journey, Campbell cites his “drive and passion for mixology which eventually took him on his worldly adventures”.  Campbell has seem much of world, but it was while stationed in Melbourne, Australia he co-founded The Global Bartender Exchange. This online platform for bartenders, now over 150,000 members strong, aims to develop the global bar scene Campbell developed to focus on Drink Strategy across the whisky portfolio and to help further establish the Dewar’s brand.

Campbell elaborated, “The Global Bartender Exchange is an online representation of the global and local bartending communities, and acts as a forum for people in the hospitality industry to share job opportunities, events and drinks trends with each other. We started with an initial group of 87 members, and the community sits now at around 100,000 members around the world.”

Ultimately, Campbell’s visit to Trinidad is another stop on his quest to educate consumers on the misconception that blends are seen as inferior to single malts and in doing so, raise the profile of Dewar’s blended Scotch whisky around the world.

To find out more about Dewar’s Scotch, check out these pointers from Campbell himself.

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