Street food with the highest street cred.

Seething in envy, many Trinidadians, either born abroad or living there now, are only too happy to relay the ire they feel when locals even mention the word ‘doubles’. God forbid you post photographic evidence; that just seems to irritate (and cause lots of face-palming) them even more! Such is the love for this national dish; the not-so-humble doubles.

As local lore goes, Mr Emamool Deen, sold his products in Princes Town Trinidad, when the doubles craze really got going. The ‘doubles’ part, purely a local thing, went from ‘channa bara’ to ‘gimme ah double please’. Today, what we have all around Trinidad is a dish so revered, there are constant debates on thin vs thick bara to runny channa and whether or not cucumber chow is a good idea or not. Some vendors have taken to adding curried chicken, goat, shrimp and other meat varieties to either staunch support or responses of a blasphemous nature. Either way you look at it, this complex dish doled out in wax paper in rapid, surefire moves by experienced vendors, is and will always be a dish that holds a special place in the hearts of many.

The fandom of doubles has gone global as well after many acclaimed chefs and foodies have ventured to Trinidad just to sample a few by the stand. The late, great man, Anthony Bourdain also enjoyed his first doubles in Trinidad and loved it when he filmed Parts Unknown in 2017 (we miss him dearly!)CNN Eatocracy written by a CNN employee relayed quite well the underpinnings of the doubles ‘obsession’ and Eater’s ode to New York’s doubles offerings hit the spot. Friends who were asked to chime in on their favourite spots in Trinidad were only too willing to oblige. In fact, doubles are now so popular, satisfying and somewhat still affordable, that many vendors are expanding their hours, locations and also offering catering services as well. One local grocery chain even added a doubles vendor in every store during the day, just so that shoppers could have a snack in between.

Here’s a roundup of the doubles vendors our readers suggested with their feedback, around Trinidad that you may want to pay special attention to:

North and West:

Who: Rodney’s
Where: Corner of French St and Kitchener St, Woodbrook, 7-10am Mon-Fri.
Why:“The sauces on point!” says one fan.

Who: Maraval Doubles
Where: Outside Royal Bank Maraval, 7-till Mon-Fri.
Why:“The bara is exceptional!” says one fan.

Who: Chatterbox Doubles
Where: Chacon Street (Mon-Fri mornings) and Aranjuez Savannah (Mon-Thurs evenings).
Why:Thin bara, not greasy with soft channa and a home-made ‘dragon’ pepper sauce (Aranjuez spot only).

Who: Yellow Van Doubles
Where: Aranjuez Cricket Savannah Mon-Sun 8:00 a.m.,- till.
Why: The bara is fried on the spot and served with a seriously hot roast pepper.


Who: Frank’s Doubles
Where: UWI shed, St Augustine
Why: Another vendor to get several mentions.

Who: Ulies Doubles
Where: Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande, opposite Picton Road.
Why: “So good, they sell out fast!”


Who: Joe’s Doubles
Where: Waterloo, Charlieville.
Why: Made fresh in a food truck and comes with several chutneys including coconut chutney.

Who: Ravi’s Doubles
Where: Chaguanas Main Road, Chaguanas.
Why: It’s all good apparently.

Who: The Guys under the Blue Umbrella
Where: Opposite Medford Gas Station, Chaguanas.
Why: These guys got several mentions and all of them said, “it just real bess”.


Where: M2 Ring Road, from 4:00 p.m., -6:00 p.m., on weekdays and 7:00 a.m.,-9:00 a.m., on weekends.
Why:“They get rushed as soon as they open.” They’re that good it seems.

Who: Hassanali’s Green Shed
Where: Debe, from 7:00 a.m., onwards.
Why:“They get rushed as soon as they open.” They’re that good it seems.


Who: Airport Doubles
Where: At airport entrance
Why: “It’s the easiest place to get doubles in the area and it taste good”.

Who: Patsy’s Doubles
Where: Scarborough
Why: “You can get some amazing doubles at anytime of day”.

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