Don’t just have your coffee, experience it.

Often consumed simply as fuel to keep us going, coffee, despite its constant presence in our day-to-day lives, tends to slip by largely unnoticed. What we mean by that is, what was once considered a beloved culinary experience, is now generally regarded as a quick fix to accommodate our fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles. We gulp it down quickly, and very rarely do we put much thought into where it came from, how it was produced, or what is even tastes like. These days many of us are merely “having” our coffee, and we’re no longer experiencing it.

Family-owned specialty coffee company, Wyndhams – Bajan Crafted Roasters, is here to remind us that coffee is not meant to be rushed or tolerated, but savoured and enjoyed. These coffee roasters recognise and appreciate coffee for the global agriculture feat that it is, and are deeply inspired by its journey from farm to cup. From the farms, to the plant, the production, and the people, specialty coffee is a exploit that spans cultures and countries.Bringing an unparalleled passion for coffee to their customers through their products, in our opinion, Wyndhams is the perfect example of what truly makes their specialty coffee special.

With an approach that is fuelled by a rich appreciation for quality and diversity, and a mission to ensure an unforgettable experience for their clients, Wyndhams focuses on quality grade, in-season specialty beans, and seeks to highlight the special character of their origins while ultimately working to showcase the best the bean has to offer.Through an intricate process called “cupping” they have scrupulously selected hand-harvested coffee from all corners of the world, and have roasted the beans themselves to create a variety of single origin coffees, and blends. Our favourites? The Surf Series

The Surf Series currently consists of three blends of specialty grade coffees carefully roasted to highlight characteristics of the coffee that link each blend with popular surf-lingo and surf spots around the island.1. Dawn Patrol

“Dawn Patrol,” is the term given to those early morning journeys down the coast to check the waves at the crack of dawn. A blend of Asian and Brazilian specialty grade coffees, that is bold, full of body, and complete with dark chocolate notes and caramel sweetness, this dark roasted coffee is strong (as in caffeinated) and is a perfect morning boost to help fuel your day,

2. Duppies

This surf break is complex, and is known for its difficulty to access and for its challenging surf conditions, yet it’s deeply rewarding. This blend is aligned to these same qualities and designed for the serious coffee drinker looking for unique flavours unlike the ones normally associated with darker, roasty coffees. Completely wild in flavour it will take you on an adventurous yet totally fun journey.

3. Soup Bowl

Just like the most iconic surf break of the island, this blend is their standard bearer. Considered to be up there with the top surf spots in the world, Soup Bowl is renowned among famous professional surfers, and this blend – well rounded, great body with balanced acidity, complete with chocolate and dried fruit flavour – is of equal quality.

Make this your moment.

Sit back and relax with a cup of Wyndhams specialty coffee, and relish in a moment specially tailored to the tastebuds.

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