Global Ambassador Fraser Campbell gives notes on what to expect when sipping.

We asked and he answered! Fraser Cambpell gives us a little fresher ahead of his event at the Hilton Hotel tomorrow.

Q: Breakdown for us what to look for in a good quality Scotch.

 A: It’s all about the individual and what their experience of drinking whisky is. Many believe older Single Malt whiskies to be of superior quality to a young blended Scotch, but it’s all about the occasion and what you are in the mood for. The flavor spectrum of whisky goes from light, vanilla, butterscotch, fresh fruits and citrus all the way through to the heavily peated, maritime and smokey. If you are a novice whisky drinker it’s advisable to start at the lighter end! There are no rules, but if your first experience is negative it might out you off whisky for life.

Q: What are some of the most unique ways you have seen Scotch used in food and drink during your travels?

A: My most memorable experience was ordering a Dewar’s and coconut water at a beach bar in Puerto Rico a few months ago. The bartender grabbed a machete and began chopping the top off of a fresh coconut, and then filled it ice and Dewar’s 12 years old. It was a very simple whisky and coconut water but the way she served it was incredible.

Q: How has the Dewar’s Scotch brand evolved and grown during your time as the Global Ambassador?

A: Dewar’s has progressed significantly as a whisky brand in the past two or three years. We have increased our relevance in a busy spirit category by showing bartenders and consumers that we are a brand that has personality and heritage, and that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our Scotch Egg Club events which pair food, games and cocktails have really helped us to achieve this.

 Q: How have you attempted to innovate the approach to promoting a blend based on legacy and culture?

A: One of our founders, Tommy Dewar, has become the central character of our story because of his innovative marketing techniques and witty personality. He inspired the idea for Scotch Egg Club with his passion for whisky and chickens, and now we are reviving the Scotch Highball which he pioneered at the turn of the 20th Century.

Q: Tell us about The Global Bartender Exchange and how an online platform has formed a community of enthusiasts and specialists dedicated to mixing the perfect drink?

A: The Global Bartender Exchange is an online representation of the global and local bartending communities, and acts as a forum for people in the hospitality industry to share job opportunities, events and drinks trends with each other. We started with an initial group of 87 members, and the community sits now at around 100,000 members around the world.

Q: What can we look forward to from the Scotch Tasting?

A: An immersive overview of the Scotch category, how we make single malts and blends, a look at the history of Dewar’s and then a comparative tasting of our delicious blended Scotches made by our master blender, Stephanie McLeod.

Q: What is unique about the 12 year and 15 year blends?

A: We use a unique process called Doubel Ageing, to marry these blends with a respective minimal age of 12 years and 15 years old for the youngest whiskies we use. The 12 years old is slightly richer with notes of honey, raisins and light citrus peel. The 15 years old is slightly more floral, with aromas of caramel and cooked fruits.




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