10 things to do in Barbados for under $50

On an island one would think that there are limited things to do. The tourists highlight the cool things (usually attached to a cost) and the locals tend to fall into a repetitive trend – the same place, the same order, and a couple recycled outfits often accessorized differently. But this island, the gem that it is, has its own hidden gems placed in plain sight but often overlooked. I had the opportunity to explore the island and so I barreled through the choices, and found things that can be much entertainment for a weekend or even for an off day from work. A budget was definitely on the agenda, so I searched between the vines of the gullies and as they were revealed themselves, I found a list of things that didn’t hit the $50 mark. For your pleasure, I cultivated a list of things I suggest – not in any particular order, but I’ll say these are top choices worth a local and a visiting eye.


Expose yourself to one of the wonders of the world. A divine cave deep beneath the earth’s surface. They say the cave is still alive, it glistens as it marvels your mind, with droplets of water that infuse the liveliness of the cave. Crystalized by stalactites and stalagmites, this huge dome is home to wonders such as crystal clear ponds and waterfalls underground. Seat yourself with ease and comfort and enjoy the educational ride of the limestone tunnel beneath – fun for a cute date or a family filled day!


What’s showing? Pack some snacks, pull your fluffiest pillows from your couch at home, and make sure you grab the snuggest blanket you have and pick any day a week for a comfortable date at the Drive-in cinema. Go in your pajamas – whatever you like, just make sure its comfortable! My favourite trick is to go by myself so I can sit in the passenger’s seat and truly be relaxed while I nibble on something sweet and watch the mega screen!


The island is nothing but gullies and caves, some discovered, some undiscovered to the public but often trodden into by some curious brave souls. The tippy top of the island drives a lot of traffic with this last stop destination in the parish of St. Lucy. For free, enjoy the views of the cliffs on either side – if you’re lucky – spot a whale as they come close to the island’s shores. Or rather, for a simple $25 go into the cave for a guided and educational tour. Take a dip in the island’s natural pools under the earth’s surface and take the most beautiful silhouette photos on the rocks with the natural thunder of the ocean behind you. Relax and grab a bite to eat for lunch with a complimentary side of an ocean view!


This historic experience is worth every cent. Whether you’re going to sip on some age-old rum or you’re going for a quick history lesson on the oldest rum in the world, this treat is truly recommended. The Signature Rum Tasting runs daily and begins at 9:30 and goes every hour: 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 …2:30 being the last. The approximate Tasting duration is one hour. Their vibrant brand hosts will guide you give you an History of the Rum and their Craftsmanship,  and you will be tasting their rums also.

  • Local rate cost Bds $15 /Caribbean rate $20
  • Reservations are not required

After you browse through the gift shop, stop in a get some lunch in the restaurant while you sip on some Mount Gay Rum cocktails made by the finest!

Spend an hour on a rum tasting tour. Book yours today!

Here’s something for you!

Get $5.00 OFF any of Mount Gay cocktails offered at the bar when you visit Mount Gay Rum Visitor’s Centre by May 31st, 2019.

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What’s your go-to restaurant on the island? Where do you choose to go after work on a Thursday evening? C’mon! Let’s make this a popular thing – South Coast has the best spots for Happy Hour! Don’t just go home after a long day – brighten your spirits and pair a light meal and a slight drink today!

What’s your poison?


This depends on you and your luck, Maybe you’ll even win back some money to raise your $50 budget! So Good luck! But remember… stop at $50!!!!


Surf’s up! Or paddle away? Grab a wave!! Surf lessons, paddle boarding or even a fun day in the sun in a kayak is a different way to spend your $50 on the ocean’s blue! Book a lesson or just rent a board and soak up the sun in the beautiful Bajan waters!


The island’s only train is a rum train! Experience the glories of the east side of the island at this stunning location. The drive up to the location is just as divine as the indoors. Spend some time on the train as you gain history tidbits of the island and learn about how SNA has infiltrated the culture and became known for its way of doing rum! Do a quick tour of the Abbey, enjoy the garden or grab some lunch. This picturesque location is one for the books. Spot a monkey swinging from the trees or get ready to pick your jaw up off the ground as you drive away and head further down East!


Book a reservation at the island’s chocolate factory. Explore this dome located in central Bridgetown and learn the ins and outs of how this marvelous chocolate is exquisitely made. Also, if you are not aware, Agapey Chocolate Factory now makes, on site, gourmet dairy-free ice cream: vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, all natural ice cream. Now you really have no excuse!


Something for the kids – book a karting experience for your kids whether you’re a local and know all about this hot spot or want to let your children go back to their home gloating how they drove for the first time in Barbados! Rally on a team to get the fastest time or hash out an old bet on the course! It’s left all to your imagination so drivers start your engines!


That common saying… Save the absolute best for last.

I did just that…

This option goes without any explanation, what does matter is do you prefer West Coast or the South Coast? What’s on your reading list now? My favourite spot on the island is to head to One Eleven East Beach Bar in Speightstown. The water is a bright blue and if you’re lucky, you’ll be inspired by the passing yachts as they head out for a day’s spin. Sit on the free beach chairs – yes I said free! Grab a bite to eat from the restaurant for lunch while you lounge and be pampered to by the oceanside. One Punchy Please!

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