Weekend Water Warriors

2016 will be remembered in Barbados as the year of the water woes!  Some residents in the worst affected areas of our island have faced consistent water shortages with the worst counting over 365 days without a drop in their taps.  Imagine necessities we take for granted like having water to drink, bathe, brush teeth, flush toilets, wash clothes and prepare food have become a luxury in parts of this country.

After hearing many heartbreaking pleas for help and bitter complaints regularly over radio call-in shows throughout the year, the Weekend Water Warriors was born.  This community-led charitable initiative saw citizens uniting to provide relief to the suffering residents in the rural areas most affected.  The Warriors collect donations, meet at an assembly point and then hand-deliver cases of water to the residents.

This effort is the brainchild of David D2 Davis, CEO of Renaissance Designs.  He began making appeals mostly via social media to friends and family to provide donations of water for these suffering communities, particularly in the parish of St. Joseph to begin with.

Davis, his wife Christine and two daughters, Summa and Autum began the initiative with limited resources and in the company of good friends, Stokely Murray,  Anderson “Blood” Armstrong, Sherwin Straker, Sue Morris, Wynell Griffith, Sim Simma, and their families.  Today, the group has received corporate assistance from a number of businesses and has generated participation from volunteers from a wide cross section of Barbadian society as well as students from a number of secondary schools.


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