1. Animals. Anytime I come into contact with a cat or a dog, or even a story on Facebook about people saving animals, my spirit soars. I can literally feel the dopamine flow!

2. Music. Doing a TV show every day means that some days you’re just not feeling it. Sometimes I struggle to get myself up to face the camera. Play me one Popcaan tune and it is over! I’m bouncing off the walls! Music is magic for me.

3. Children. Their spirits, as yet unblemished by cynicism, give me fuel for my happiness. They are so beautiful.

4. The Bowspring Practice. A strong mind and body and spirit together are entirely uplifting. I know how I feel when I am not practising the Bowspring and how I feel when I am practising. It makes me happier, livelier, and more hopeful.

5. Helping out. It sounds cheesy maybe—and a bit cliché—but when you lend your time and skill to help out other people, your happiness triples.

6. My family home. When I walk through the gate, walk down the hallway, lie down on my favourite couch, I feel happier. The walls of that house cover me with comfort and ease. It makes me happier even thinking about it.


1. Music. First time I ever wrote a Christmas list I asked for musical instruments. Didn’t get any though.

2. Family. They’re always around…

3. Nature. I love the east coast. I get a lot of inspiration from the sea.

4. Exercise. I don’t always enjoy it when I’m in the middle of working out…but I feel better for it on a whole.

5. Art. I have started collecting local art; I have works by Sheena Rose, Versia Harris, Simone Asia and I have a guitar illustrated by Cherise Harris.

6. Community. I do need to retreat sometimes, but I really enjoy being around creatives, bouncing energy off each other, particularly in the studio. It’s cool to start from scratch and finish with a song.



1. Sex

2. My herb garden

3. ‘All Is Rum’

4. Family

5. Money

6. Music



1. Mac n cheese

2. Seeing my mum in the audience when I perform

3. Cat videos on Instagram

4. My husband’s hugs

5. Beach days with 2 Mile Hill

6. Chefette



I have always lived my life with the conviction that there is nothing more important than happiness, but turning 50 this year has really made me acutely aware of the importance of being happy and more significantly, of being happy with who I am.

The realisation that I’ve probably passed the halfway mark and am now hurtling towards the finish really puts things into perspective and (for me at least) has infused me with a sense of urgency in extracting every ounce of joy possible from what I do.

My life therefore is firmly focused on doing things that make me happy, but within this realm there are a select few that make me ‘happier’, some of which I would like to share with you:


I’m not sure whether this makes me happier or happiest, but I would say this definitely has to take the top spot. My problem with tequila is that not only does it make me do really crazy things, but it then completely erases my memory so I have no recollection the following day. That is, of course, until the inevitable photos and videos begin to arrive via Whatsapp, at which point I just sit there thinking “Are you kidding me?”


Tequila aside, house music has been my true love for the past few decades (other than my lovely wife of course) and what better place to enjoy it than in the club. Unless of course you’re in a club in Ibiza and everyone assumes that you must be the resident dope dealer because at 50 you’re clearly way past your sell-by date.


Everyone enjoys travelling but according to my wife, I get particular joy from stressing her out whenever we do so. Take for instance the time we were going to the UK and after checking in I decided that I had enough time to pop into Bridgetown to collect a watch I had sent to be repaired, followed by a quick stop at the bank. Only to discover on my return to the airport that they were announcing over the PA that they were preparing to remove my bags from the plane (and I hadn’t even cleared security as yet).


We all have friends that we have fun hanging out with, but some of us have that one friend who somehow manages to elevate things to a whole new level. Like a certain friend of mine (who shall remain nameless) who I hadn’t seen for a couple years but when we got together recently it resulted in a video which was viewed a few thousand times on social media, of me dancing in a bikini. I suspect tequila had a hand in that as well but I don’t remember.

Throwing Parties

Three decades in the special event business will teach you how to throw a good party but I get a serious kick out throwing really good parties—the kind where people lose their inhibitions and have a ball (or take off their clothes and jump in a pool, I’m not picky).


My wife will tell you that I have loved every minute of being a dad but now that our boys are all grown that relationship has taken on a totally different dynamic, because now we can hang out as friends, throw wild parties, go clubbing, drink tequila and totally stress their mother out.

Life is good.


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