Here’s the story of a couple that got married with their four-legged family members in tow

Once upon a time, there was a lovely bride who was about to wed her handsome groom. On their wedding day, they knew they had to include their family members, and that meant their wee dogs too! not caring what others thought of her happy plan, the bride and her man walked up the aisle, their two dogs happily leading the way to their new life together.

Seems like a bit of a fairytale, right? But for Sasha Aqui née Lee kim, 27, and her husband Lee Aqui, 28, including their dog children Ice and Coco in their wedding was a reality they were determined to see through. “They are like our children,” says Sasha, “and they have become such a huge part me and my husband’s life.

They complete our little family, so it wasn’t a question of whether or not they would be involved in the wedding; it was more a question of how we could include them.

That ‘how’ indeed proved somewhat problematic for the young couple, who admitted that finding a reception venue that would allow Ice and Coco was the first hurdle. Luckily, Drew Manor saved the day, since the location allows dogs (though not inside, as Sasha would find out later).

Secondly, they were initially disappointed when they were told dogs aren’t allowed in any church. However, during the wedding rehearsal, Sasha was in luck as Fr. Carlyle Fortune of St Finbar’s RC Church gave his permission after speaking with the bride and her mum.

“My mother and I were chatting with Fr. Fortune and my mom brought up her “grandchildren”, saying how much she would have loved to see them walk down the aisle. Fr. Fortune thought it would be a wonderful idea to have them walk before me in the church.” The caveat, as Sasha continued, would be to ensure that there was a trainer on hand to take care of Ice, a Siberian Husky, and Coco, a Pug, during the ceremony.

Besides walking down the aisle, the couples love for their dog children was also apparent throughout the wedding, since their entire wedding focused on Ice and Coco as much as themselves. From the save-the-date card, table place card holders, wedding favours, and their cake topper to the doggie outfits on the special day, Ice and Coco were present in some fashion. One truly special touch was the use of the couples’ engagement photos with Ice and Coco, which was made into puzzle pieces. Each guest was then invited to sign the back of a puzzle piece, creating a unique mosaic for the couple to enjoy.

As for the overall experience, Sasha, admitted that there were a few hiccups along the way, including making arrangements to secure a cool-down zone for Ice and Coco at the venue, since each breed aren’t able to handle extended heat exposure. However, when it came to the dogs’ outfits, Sasha was able to find Coco’s dress in the US and Amanda Drew of Flower Bar fashioned a floral collar for her.

Now that the hustle of the day is over, both Sasha and Lee have no regrets going the extra doggie mile for Ice and Coco. Oh, and if you’re wondering, there were no accidents or incidents during the day either. Or as Sasha put it, “I was probably more of a hazard to my own dress than Ice and Coco. ”

Safe to say, after all the dog hair had settled, Sasha and Lee had a howling good time on their wedding day.


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