“Design gives identity, personality and style.” Motion designer Sekani Solomon certainly personifies his own words. He may not yet be a household name in Trinidad and Tobago, but at the young age of 25 he has become an incredibly accomplished designer—and he’s only just getting started. At the top of his list of accomplishments is the role he played as one of the animators on the title sequence for the television show Manhattan. The title sequence would go on to win an Emmy award for Outstanding Main Title Design in 2015. “I was one of the animators on the job,” he says. “We had a designer, Griffin Frazen, who did the original concept. Myself and directors Dan Gregoras and Jeremy Cox took those designs and brought it to life. I was responsible for developing the animation style and animated close to half the shots in the title sequence.”

The path to working for the Emmy-award-winning design firm Imaginary Forces in New York City began in Tobago. Solomon was born and raised on the small Caribbean island and he credits his curiosity for creation to the exposure his parents, Gladstone and Sharon Solomon, gave him to technology from a young age. Seeing the work of artists online, he pledged to get to their level. However, his academic work took precedence over his artistic endeavours in secondary school, and it was only at the age of 18, when he collaborated with his Information Technology teacher to create his school’s website, that he rediscovered his love for design, igniting his enthusiasm for learning digital arts.

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